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  • NL-FY-2351


    Frozen Yoghurt

    We’ve all made our way to the nearest froyo stands with our friends to get our fix of frozen yoghurt. Sooner or later, we all crave this healthier alternative to ice cream. So how about being able to satisfy this craving from the comfort of your own home. The Saachi Frozen Yoghurt Machine can turn your favourite flavours into delivious froyo. This appliance also comes with a recipe book to help you along the way to preparing the ultimate dessert.

    – ON/OFF switch button
    – Non-slip feet
    – With safety lock
    – Easy to clean

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  • NL-OM-1536


    Omelette Maker

    Who doesn’t love a good omelette? The new Saachi Omelette Maker can now help ou make a large variety of delicious omelettes in just 5 minutes! The appliance can make evenly shaped and cooked omelettes with any number of different ingredients making it a handy tool to have in your kitchen.

    – 1 pc omlette
    – Non-stick removable plate
    – Automatic thermostat control

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  • NL-BM-1555C


    Cookie Maker

    COOKIES!!! We love them. The Saachi Cookie Maker NL-BM-1555C can make a variety of mouth-watering cookies in just a few minutes. It can make up to 13 cookies in flavors that are only limited by your imagination. It has an automatic temperature control and an indicator to tell you when your cookies are ready. Our favorite snack is now easier to make than ever before.

    – 13pcs cookies
    – Non-stick ceramic plate
    – Automatic temperature control
    – Pilot light indicator
    – Cool touch housing

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