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  • NL-JB-4458


    Multi Juicer

    Whether you’re looking to make a nice smoothie to start your day, or some fresh orange juice to have with lunch, the Saachi Juicer Blender NL-JB-4458 is the one for you. This product acts as a regular blender but also comes equipped with 3 other attachments for juicer, mincer and mill allowing you to carry out many different tasks with this one simple appliance. The blender has an unbreakable plastic jar ensuring the durability of this product. The pulse function gives you complete control as to how long you wish to run the blender on high-speed and also assists in the auto-clean function when used with a little warm water. We emphasize that the auto-clean feature is only useful for a quick clean-up but a regular cleaning will still be required on occasion for a more effective job.

    – 4 attachments – juicer, blender, mincer and mill
    – 2-speed control with pulse function
    – 1.6 litres jar capacity
    – Unbreakable jar
    – Plastic lined grinding mill
    – Stainless steel blades
    – Auto clean system

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  • NL-JB-4073



    The Saachi citrus juicer is perfect for your simple juicing needs, whether it’s squeezing large oranges for breakfast or small lemons for your soda lemonade. The juicer cones will help you squeeze maximum of juice, leaving the rind completely empty.

    – 2 speed control with pulse
    – 1.6 litre plastic blender jar
    – 85mm wide feeling tube
    – 2.4 litre extra large pulp container
    – Stainless steel blade
    -Overheat protection
    -SS cutting Disc

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