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  • NL-RM-1857


    Mandi Cooker

    Deliciously seasoned grilled meat with rice, it doesn’t get much better than that. The Saachi Mandi Maker is here to cook you the perfect meal. The 50 litres capacity of this appliance can ensure it can cook a large meal for the entire family. It has a variable temperature control and a timer up to 120 minutes giving you greater control on the manner in which you wish to cook your meal. It has an air-proof inner layer that allows the food to be kept warm for a few hours after it has already been cooked. Finally, the appliance has wheels at the feet so it can be easily carried between the kitchen and the dining room.

    – 50 litres capacity
    – Can be used to make variety of rice dishes, grilled food, pizza etc.
    – Variable temperature control with a maximum temperature of 250o C
    – 120 minutes timer
    – Non-stick cooking pot
    – Air-proof inner layer, can keep food warm for 2-3 hours
    – Cool touch handles
    – Foot with wheels for ease of carrying

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