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  • NL-OH-1946HPG


    Meat can be skewered on the pit, and cooked on this horizontal rotisserie. After using the rotisserie pit for grilling, the hot rod can be removed from the oven using this handle. It’s commonly used for baking and roasting. The oven is equipped with 2 hot plates on the top for multi-purpose cooking. The oven can heat from the top to provide broiling and grilling. It also provides integrated rotisserie. The rotation cooks the meat evenly on its own juices and allows easy access for continuous self-basting.

    – 45 Litres capacity
    – 2 Hot plates
    – 60 minutes timer with bell ring
    – Adjustable thermostat
    – 4 Stainless steel heating elements
    – 100-250 Degree temperature control
    – Multiple stages heating selector switch for top heating, bottom heating and Top & Bottom heating

    Accessories: Baking tray, Wire rack, Tray handle Grill handle, Rotisserie pit

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