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  • NL-COF-7049-BK


    Bored of plain old coffee? Looking for a little more variety? You got it! The new Saachi coffee maker NL-COF-7049 can brew up to 4 cups  of turkish coffee and you can also used it to make black tea with Automatic shut off once the coffee/tea is ready.

    – Water tank capacity: 250ml
    – Can make up to 4 cups of Turkish coffee
    – Can also be used to make black tea
    – Control knob with indicator lights to choose number of cups
    – Automatically shut off once coffee is ready
    – Anti overflow function
    – Comes with measuring spoon
    – Jar and accessories are dishwasher safe
    – Brewing time ≤ minutes
    – Coffee temperature ≥ 85°C

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  • NL-COF-7056


    Bored of plain old coffee? Looking for a little more variety? You got it! The new Saachi coffee maker NL-COF-7056 can make many different styles of coffee including espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte and many others. The steam nozzle allows you complete control over the amount of froth you desire in your coffee. The keep-warm tray on top of the appliance allows you to keep a cup of coffee warm while you prepare to make another one, handy when entertaining guests.

    – Automatic steam pressure pump: 15 bar
    – Maximum boiler capacity: 150ml
    – Steam pressure valve
    – Can make varieties of coffee like espress, cappuccino, etc.
    – With swivel steam jet to froth up milk
    – For cappuccino and cafe latte
    – Transparent, removable 1.6L water tank
    – Aluminium coffee filter with safety lock and scale
    – Resting cup plate with additional warming function

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  • NL-COF-7058C


    The next generation of coffee makers is finally here. The Saachi Capsule Coffee Maker can make all your favourite types of coffee with ease. The appliance can be used with store-bought coffee capsules containing a variety of flavors or can also be used with regular coffee powder. This appliance is compatible with both Nespresso and Dulce Gusto capsules making it one of the most convenient coffee makers in the market today. The product is available in 4 different colours providing you with the ideal balance of style and functionality. It has a 19 bar automatic steam pressure pump and a 600ml water tank. It also has two dispensing methods (short or long) making it adaptable to your preferences.

    – Automatic steam pressure pump: 19 bar
    – Maximum boiler capacity: 600ml
    – Can make varieties of coffee with adaptors that accommodate various types of coffee capsules
    – Transparent, removable 600ml water tank
    – Compatible with Nespresso®*, Dolce Gusto®* and Coffee powder
    – Two dispensing buttons : Short and Long
    – Power saving function
    – Pilot light indicator

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