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  • NL-AFO-4773


    When it comes to efficiency, no one does it better than Saachi. The Saachi Multi-Function Air Fryer not only acts as a traditional air fryer, but is also fully equipped to replace your electric oven as well. Its impressive 9.5L capacity and oven-like shape allows it to perform all functions that can be carried in a regular air fryer or electric oven. This air fryer also has a rotiserrie function so you can evenly grill your favourite meats for a delicious meal. This appliance is a truly efficient and necessary addition to your kitchen.

    – 9.5 litres capacity
    – Unique rapid air technology
    – Healthy and tasty snacks fried without oil
    – Can fry, bake and grill food
    – Adjustable temperature upto 200 degree C
    – 30 mintues time with automatics shut off
    – With rotisserie function to help cook meat evenly
    – Cool touch housing and handle
    – 50% faster frying and energy-saving
    – With overheat protection

    Accessories: Rotisserie, baking tray, 2 baskets and cage handle

    For fresh fries snacks add half a table spoon of oil for extra taster. Frozen snacks are normally precooked in oil

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