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  • NL-AFO-4773


    When it comes to efficiency, no one does it better than Saachi. The Saachi Multi-Function Air Fryer not only acts as a traditional air fryer, but is also fully equipped to replace your electric oven as well. Its impressive 9.5L capacity and oven-like shape allows it to perform all functions that can be carried in a regular air fryer or electric oven. This air fryer also has a rotiserrie function so you can evenly grill your favourite meats for a delicious meal. This appliance is a truly efficient and necessary addition to your kitchen.

    – 9.5 litres capacity
    – Unique rapid air technology
    – Healthy and tasty snacks fried without oil
    – Can fry, bake and grill food
    – Adjustable temperature upto 200 degree C
    – 30 mintues time with automatics shut off
    – With rotisserie function to help cook meat evenly
    – Cool touch housing and handle
    – 50% faster frying and energy-saving
    – With overheat protection

    Accessories: Rotisserie, baking tray, 2 baskets and cage handle

    For fresh fries snacks add half a table spoon of oil for extra taster. Frozen snacks are normally precooked in oil

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  • NL-AFO-4778


    Who said tasty can’t be healthy? With the use of rapid air technology, the Saachi Air Fryer can make some of your favourite snacks completely oil free. Here is your chance to stay in shape without giving up those delicious snacks you crave so much. Confused on how to make them? Not to worry! Our helpful manual provides examples of a wide variety of dishes that can be prepared with the air fryer and exactly how to make them. Whether you are looking to fry, grill or bake, the Saachi Air Fryer is the way to go.

    – 5.0 Litres capacity
    – Stainless steel body
    – Adjustable temperature control up to 200 degrees
    – 30 minutes timer with automatic shut off
    – Detachable frying basket for easy cleaning

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